Lindsey Vonn Rejected from Racing with the Men

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Lindsey Vonn requested to compete in Lake Louise, Alberta on Nov. 24 in a men’s World Cup downhill race, but the International Ski Federation “confirmed that one gender is not entitled to participate in races of the other and exceptions will not be made to the FIS rules.”

Pro athlete Lindsey Vonn ski racing

(Erich Spiess/Red Bull Content Pool)

“It’s very clear,” FIS secretary general Sarah Lewis told The Associated Press. “It’s called the men’s World Cup and the ladies’ World Cup. The men race the men’s World Cup and the ladies race the ladies’ World Cup. FIS and World Cup points are not transferrable from one circuit to another.”

The decision disappointed some people in the ski industry because it was seen as an opportunity for Vonn to attract interest to the sport in North America from people who typically don’t follow ski racing.

“Lindsey has achieved many milestones in ladies’ ski racing,” Max Gartner, Alpine Canada president says to The Associated Press. “It would have been interesting to see how she stacked up against the best male racers in the world. Lake Louise is the perfect venue to have that comparison because Lindsey has as much experience on the mountain as many of the men have had.”

“I hope Lindsey gets a chance to fulfill her dream at a later date,” Gartner says.

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  1. jbusa1 says:

    Entirely predictable. FIS would never risk taking a leap forward into the 1980's.

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