Ortovox Recall Reportedly Doesn’t Affect North American Product

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Longmont, CO (December 7, 2012) –An Ortovox 3+ beacon recall does not affect Ortovox 3+ avalanche beacons available at and shipping to retailers in North America.

Ortovox recently became aware that certain Ortovox 3+ model avalanche transceivers incorrectly and automatically switch to transmission mode after the user had initially selected the search mode. When the user selects the search mode, the affected Ortovox 3+ devices do not receive a sensor signal, despite motion, and automatically switchover to transmission mode after 120 seconds. The user must then manually switch the device back to search mode to continue the search. This issue can delay, hinder, and/or impair rescue measures. In cases of burial, the transmission function of the device still functions, despite this issue.

Ortovox 3+ avalanche beacon recall

Orotovox 3+

Internal tests showed that a software issue in certain production batches of the Ortovox 3+ could cause the device to exhibit the behavior mentioned above. Ortovox has identified the cause of the issue, which can be eliminated by updating the device software.  Ortovox is responding immediately and, as a precaution, is recalling all non-North American Ortovox 3+ devices shipped to vendors after October 17, 2012, for inspection and software update. 

The affected devices will not function properly and must no longer be used without the software update.

If you purchased an ORTOVOX 3+ beacon outside of North America, you can check your beacon serial number here to find out if it is part of the recall:–recall_campaign_3plus.html

Again, this issue does not affect any Ortovox 3+ avalanche beacons available at and shipping to retailers in North America.

About Ortovox:
Based in Taufkirchen, Germany, Ortovox is the world’s leading brand of avalanche transceivers and safety equipment. 30+ years of evolution and experience in the mountains enables Ortovox to offer a wide range of products catering to mountaineers and adventurers whose playgrounds are the mountains of the world.

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