Rab Commits to Using Traceable Down

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Rab down, that is traceable under the European Down and Feather Association Codex, is being phased into all Rab products from this point forward.

This code of conduct determines the source of down, ensuring that the down is a by-product of a slaughterhouse or harvested during moulting periods; it is not illegally live-plucked. Working with suppliers and sub-suppliers IDFL (IDFL global leader in down testing, founded in 1978, IDFL is the largest down and feather laboratory in the world) aims to trace the materials along the supply chain all the way back to the farm.

 In October 2010 the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) adopted a CODEX or Code of Conduct and a Traceability Standard that EDFA members are required to follow. IDFL can audit supply chains to verify compliance to these standards.

The Code of Conduct expects EDFA members to:
- Maintain and support good animal husbandry.
- Abide by the live-plucking pledge which prohibits use of illegally live-plucked down and feather material.
- Include a declaration about live-plucking in sales contracts and general terms and conditions.
- Have the origin of down and feathers entered into the documentation system.

 The treatment of ducks and geese is as important to us as it is to consumers and retailers throughout the world. IDFL visits farms and slaughterhouses to evaluate how the animals are treated. They look at living environments, transportation, slaughterhouse processes, feeding practices and other aspects relating to good husbandry.

This significant step goes a long way towards full traceability of the supply line to ensure that we use only the finest quality and most ethically sourced down.

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