Vote for Your Favorite Shop Hero

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(To ensure each person can only vote once per video, you must be logged in to Facebook. Check the box in the upper right corner of the video to vote. Voting runs through Jan. 10, 2013.)

Want to see what the Shop Heroes did last year? Check this out.

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63 Responses to “Vote for Your Favorite Shop Hero”

  1. Daly+Brennan Hynes says:

    there is No way that there is a better ski tuner in the world than you. Thank you for doing everything you have done (sharpen skiis, fixed my boots, gets my gear ready, and you tell me the right equiptment to use in all my races!!!) SO VOTE FOR RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    -Daly and Brennan Hynes

  2. Mark W. Dreyer says:

    Dave Hinz, Thank you for your expertise! It's "HinzOrama"!

  3. TJ weege says:


  4. Mike Piazza GSC says:

    Got your back Randy

  5. Beckie says:

    RANDY HASKELL is The SKI SHOP HERO! This award was tailor-made for him! His professionalism & expertise, along with the respect he receives from Olympic gold medalists, members of the US Ski Team and race families of children throughout the Northeast & beyond exemplify this fact. (Yes…U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Alberto Tomba voted for him and called his his hero!) Regardless of these facts, he’s one of the most easy going, friendly and helpful guys you’ll ever meet. He is a wonderful ambassador for the skiing industry and a great role model for youngsters and the young at heart! CONGRATULATIONS RANDY!!!! We appreciate ALL you do for us!

  6. A&J says:

    RANDY HASKELL is definitely the most dedicated person we know who takes great pride in his work and always goes that extra mile to make people happy. He certainly deserves this award. CONGRATULATIONS RANDY!!!!! We are so proud of you!!! We’re CHEERING YOU ON? GO RANDY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Evelyn says:

    Gotcha back! Good luck Randy. Ev

  8. Kris says:

    Gene At Eskimo is amazing. He spent an hour fitting my 9 year old daughter with boots. He is patient and savvy well beyond his years. My daughter is pretty serious about her skiing and Gene found the perfect gear for her. He gave us great advice and we were fortunate to work with him. I’m a former NCAA Div. 1 racer and we’ve been to several shops looking for boots and Gene is the best. Good luck!!!

  9. Beckie says:


    ****** RANDY HASKELL ******

    THE 1st Place( and 1st Class all the way!!) Ski Shop Hero 2013

    We love you and everyone is soooo proud of you!!!

  10. Beckie says:

    Congrats to Brian & Jamie! And to all the ski shop contestants!
    Regardless of this award….ALL OF YOU that work in the industry are AMAZING! Thank each and every one of you for all your effort, passion and commitment that you bring to the sport of skiing & snowboarding!
    YOU ALL ROCK!!!!
    Keep up the good work and remember to take the time to take care of you!!! Now…hit the slopes!
    Beckie Haskell

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