Happy Holidays from the Skiing Business Office

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Dear Santa,

We feel we’ve been good this year, so coal is out of the question, right? It’s been a tough start to winter coming off a rough winter last year, so we don’t want much. We hope you can deliver.

Here’s our Christmas list:
– snow
– cold weather
– consumers ready to buy

Happy Holidays from the Skiing Business, Ski, Skiing, Warren Miller Entertainment and Nastar HQ.


Thanks for continuing to read Skiing Business. As you know, we’re here to help give you the tools needed to increase business. We start conversations, keep you updated on trends, provide tips on best marketing practices, and let you know what’s working for other shops and brands.

While we’ll continue to update the website throughout the next two weeks, you won’t be getting an e-newsletter from us on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. We’ll be back in full force after the New Year (and, of course, we’ll be checking email throughout that time, so keep ‘em coming in as needed).

Thanks again. I hope you all have a great holiday season, and I hope to see many of you in January.

Ryan Dionne
Skiing Business editor

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