2013-14 Ski Preview: Dynafit

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Grand Teton, $800 and Cho Oyo, $800 dynafit ski preview

Grand Teton, $800 and Cho Oyo, $800

Jim Lamancusa 303-44-0446
Eric Henderson, PR Manger

Grand Teton
Ski dimensions: 130-106-120
Available length of skis: 173, 182, 191,
Target market with the featured skis: 
Freeride Touring

Two-sentence description of featured skis:
Created in memory of Steve Romeo, an influential ski mountaineer and backcountry advocate, the “Grand Teton” boasts an amazing swing weight, beefy sidewall construction, and a carbon stringer with a continued focus on saving weight. Additionally the Grand Teton has a long rocker shovel, a revolutionary bamboo-beech core, and weighs in is less then 1550 grams.

Cho Oyo
Ski dimensions: 125-89-111
Available length of skis: 174,182,191
Target market with the featured skis: 
Speed Touring

Two-sentence description of featured skis:
Despite the wide geometry of the ski, the weight is only 1080grams and is thus perfect for deep snow as well as mountaineering and ski expeditions. The Cho Oyo offers a new 3-D flex-tip design and a micro sidewall construction to achieve optimum weight reduction.

What’s on the horizon for next year’s skis?
Continued focus on developing skis that achieve the perfect blend of weight and performance.

What are three of the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made?
Dynafit believes in speed, lightness, performance, and technology, thus this keeps us focused on our development.

Any completely new models (including pro models)?
The Grand Teton and Cho Oyo are completely new models

Any disappearing?

What will be your best selling ski? Why?
The Huascaran introduced in ‘11/’12 continues to drive our Freeride touring market, while the lightweight PDG has cornered the market on Ski running/fitness skinning.

Any new materials or construction technologies?
Dynafit has been a category leader in the use of Paulownia, Iso and bamboo ski cores. The latest technology is our triple radius that can be seen in the Huascaran, and the new Cho Oyo. A triple radius ski provides perfect edge grip on steep icy terrain, and maximum float in powder.

How much emphasis are you putting on rocker?
Dynafit has been utilizing rocker in ski construction since 2009 in both ski and freeride touring skis. Rocker technology not only helps with delivering a smooth ride, but helps with touring in deep snow.

What about sidecountry/backcountry?
We are Backcountry – our categories can be broken down into ski running, speed touring, ski touring, free touring, and freeride touring.

What type of skiing do you see leading sales next year and why? How are you preparing for that?
We are forecasting an increase in both Freeride touring, and ski running. Our new 2013/’14 collection strikes a balance between both categories. We feel that by offering a wide range of skis, from fat to skinny, our core users can pick a product that best fits their terrain, environment, and conditions.

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