2013-14 Ski Binding Preview: Head

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Head Attack 13, $250

Attack 13, $250

DIN range of featured binding: 4 – 13
Target market:
Freeride market:  Park and Pipe, Freeride, Wide Skis (80 mm +)

Two-sentence description of featured binding:
The Attack 13 features a wide platform for skis 80mm and wider, a 2.5 – 5 degree ramp angle, a low stand height, a 77mm wide, adjustable AFD and metal heel track.  All of these features produce a more responsive, better performing binding for today’s wider skis.

Andrew Couperthwait, Head skis

Andrew Couperthwait

What does your brand have in store for next season?
We will complete the AAA series(Access All Areas).  For 13/14 the series features an Adrenalin 16 and an Adrenalin 13, the Attack 16 and 13 freeride bindings, and the Ambition 12; a lightweight, indemnified touring binding.

What new construction techniques, technologies or materials do you see hitting the market next year?
The continued evolution of Freeride AT and touring bindings that can accommodate alpine as well as AT soles.

What are price points doing?
Even with raw materials increasing in cost, the majority of binding companies seem to be maintaining price.  With the sale of flat skis on the rise, the binding market has become very competitive.

How have touring bindings changed what you’re working on?
Although the touring market is not huge, its numbers are increasing.  Especially in crossover products that allow you to skin but have sound downhill performance, like our Adrenalin bindings.  These trends have had a big effect on the development of our AAA a series.

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?
We are focusing on the progression of the market; bindings that focus on wide skis, side country, and backcountry.  At the same time, we continue our focus on making the most performance based, safest bindings we on the market

What marketing initiatives are you planning to incorporate next season?
Through the internet and social media in particular, we plan to create a more interactive marketing platform.  A platform that allows the consumer to be part of the marketing.

Any new dealer support planned?
We plan to use our athlete’s in conjunction with social media to better support dealers.

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