2013-14 Ski Preview
29 Jan 2013 0
Lighter. Fatter. Rocker-camber mixes. See it all here.
2013-14 Ski Preview: Icelantic
29 Jan 2013 0
Back to main page Icelantic Skis 303-670-6804/       Ashley Hart  401-714-3930 Scott VerMerris (Team Manager/Media Relations) Shaman SKNY Lengths: 161, 173, 184 Dimensions: 140-90-110 Target market: All Mountain Carver (Beginner to Expert) Two-sentence description: The Shaman SKNY is a skinnier version of the original Shaman meant to accommodate skiers who do not [...]
Endorsing Porn
09 Oct 2012 1
Brands say backing ski movies is an important marketing tool.
Tales of an Office Romance
14 Feb 2012 1
Industry pros confess why they love working in the ski industry.
2012-13 Ski Preview: Icelantic
24 Jan 2012 0
Back to main page Icelantic Skis, 303-670-6804 Ben Anderson, Founder Ski dimensions: Gypsy – 152 x 125 x 147 Oracle – 138 x 100 x 120 Available length of skis: Gypsy – 170cm, 180cm, 190cm Oracle – 155cm, 165cm, 175cm Target market with the featured skis: Gypsy – Backcountry Freestyle Oracle – Hard [...]
2012-13 Ski Product Preview
24 Jan 2012 8
Snowflakes are scarce, but this is what you can look forward to next year.
Bringing a Small U.S. Brand to Europe
01 Nov 2011 3
Icelantic founder talks the challenges of bringing a young ski company overseas.
Tighter Inventory Leads to Fewer Turns
27 Sep 2011 4
Less stock strengthens the industry but leaves money on the table.
Cash, Cars and Free Trips
17 May 2011 0
Companies share what does and doesn't work to motivate sales reps.
2011-12 Ski Preview
18 Jan 2011 9
With inventories lower, retailers are poised to have a good ski-selling year in 2010-11 that should carry over to next season. Rockered skis are hot. Wide skis are hot. And flat skis are hot in many markets. Here's what will be on the market next fall.